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Version 2.0 – Major Update

👤 🕔 October 28, 2013 Comments Off on Version 2.0 – Major Update

This is a major update to the software so if you already haven’t updated your copy of the best PSN code generator, do so right away.   The current changes on the Playstation Network have rendered the older versions unusable.  Coding to the main components of the software has been completely rewritten in this version 2.0.

The udata plugin was giving some users in the UK problems, booting them out every time they make a connection.  We have sorted this problem out and is now free of this bug in this version.

Some have also experienced a login loop where they would be stuck at the login phase.  This has happened intermittently for some users, which gave us a hard time trying to pinpoint the problem.  We have now found out it was a small error in our code.  It has been cleaned up and anyone who has run into this problem should not come across it again.

We added an auto update checker so you don’t have to visit every time to see if there is an update.  The program will check every time it is started up and will let you know if there is a new update available.

A console box has been added to the UI so you can see what is actually taking place during the PSN code generation phase.  If any errors come up it will be easier to report it to us.

A complete overhaul of the UI has been done to the best PSN code generator.  It is a lot more user friendly and easier to navigate, all input is now done in one window.

  • Connection speeds have been improved.
  • Australia has now been added to the available list of countries.

We’re proud of this release and we hope you like it as well.  To get your free psn codes download our program now!