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PSN codes allow you to redeem video games on the Playstation Network. With our PSN code generator, high priced video games are now a thing of the past. It can generate multiple valid codes daily by accessing the Playstation Network database. You now have access to free PSN codes forever! The program is very easy to use, just select your country, voucher value, load the plugins, then hit the generate button. It's that easy!

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Version 1.7 – United Kingdom Added

👤 🕔 October 2, 2013 Comments Off on Version 1.7 – United Kingdom Added

United Kingdom has now been added to the best PSN code generator.  We ran into a few problems with the UK PSN database but luckily one of our UK friends was able to sort it out quickly.

By demand we have also included proxy support through our proxy plugin.  Proxies are used to hide your actual location when connecting to the Playstation Network database.  The proxies provided in the plugin are updated on a daily basis.  Make sure you load the plugin into the best PSN code generator before using it, to be sure that you connect through a proxy.

We ran into a problem with the decryptor plugin.  It would sometimes freeze the software on random occasions.  That has now been fixed with this update.

Small UI updates have also been done to the program.